Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I miss you..
I miss you more than my words can say
I miss you every now and then..
I miss you when there is rain..
I miss you whenever I watch that movie
which we saw together.

I miss your smile..
I miss your presence..
I miss your talks,
that were so divine..

I miss your caring attitude
I miss our long phone talks..
I miss playing with you..

You are the one who knows me..
You are the one upon whom I can trust..
You are my life then
Your are my life and will be my life forever..
You are straight into my heart..
You're with me always, whether I am with you or apart..
I miss being with you..
I miss you...I miss you....

- Priyanka Gupta



Divu :)


  1. bahut badiya...!
    loved the poem...!
    seem like you miss your friends a lot :)


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