Friday, April 2, 2010

FriendShip- A Feeling

First of all this my first post on this blog, I am thankful to abhi.

So I just thought why not to start with the same poem which abhishek gave me once.This is special for me it has many meanings.I cannot forget that moment, I was feeling so low and irritated and this poem alongwith a sweet letter lifted me up,I donot have words to explain how much happy I was at that time. I am not a poet or any shayar sort of person. But still abhishek gave me permission to write here something, I am just doing my duty :P and I am really sorry I ended up writing the first post in english...I will absolutely try to write nex poem (which of course will be a copy :D ) in hindi :)

So here it goes,

I am feeling that I was there for you,
through all the good times and the bad.
I was happy that I was your shoulder to cry on,
when you were feeling sad.

I am happy that you call me friend,
and that I am always there,
and I will be always here.
I have two ears to lend,
for anything you wish to share.

I am sorry for whatever reasons,
that made your eyes filled with tears,
I will be there to wipe them away,
hopefully throughout all the years..

I promise to always be there
and always hold your hand.
I love you my sweet friend.